Arisa Yura

Actor | Voice | Writer | Director


ARISA YURA is a Japanese Australian actor, writer and director working extensively across theatre, film and television in Australia, Canada, USA and Japan.

In 2016, Arisa was selected to participate in Director's Workshop with Paige Rattray programmed by Sydney Theatre Company and CAAP (Contemporary Asian Australian Performance).

Arisa is an ensemble artist with Clockfire Theatre Company



Arisa has performed at various arts festivals around Australia, touring to Darwin, Broome and Adelaide with the show, Yasukichi Murakami: Through A Distant Lens. Arisa was active in its development from early on and has continued to develop and adapt the piece over three years and several sell-out seasons. The show had its Sydney premiere as part of the 2015 program at Griffin Theatre Company and enjoyed further success with a 2016 remount at Parramatta Riverside.

In Japan 2010, Arisa wrote and starred in a one woman play, Confessions of A Custard Melon Pan set in a Starbucks café in Tokyo. It was inspired by her reverse culture shock of being a Japanese girl who grew up in Australia arriving back in Japan - she has developed two incarnations of the show; one in Japanese and one in English. During this time, Arisa was an active member of renowned avante-garde theatre company, Marshmallow Wave.

In 2018, Arisa presented a work-in-progress Sydney reiteration of her solo show at Flying Nun@Brand X, and in July 2019, it had it’s first development at KXT as part of Write Up Festival. In September this year, Confessions of A Custard Melon Pan was presented at Sydney Fringe Festival for which the play was nominated for two Sydney Fringe Awards; Best Theatre and NIDA Most Outstanding Actor of the Year.

Her film acting debut, Ballard of the Praying Mantis was selected for 2002 Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival and was also a winner of SBS Eat Carpet Award.

Arisa has recently appeared on Channel 7’s new hit sketch comedy show, Orange Is The New Brown playing the role of Kojima alongside the show creator Nazeem Hussain, comedians Broden Kelly and Becky Lucas.

As a voice over actor, Arisa has read for Julie Koh’s short stories, The Patternmaker (Sydney Noir audiobook) and Workers of All Lands Unite (ABC RN OZGothic radio play) out early next year.

Arisa will next be seen performing a reading of Retro Horror Radio: Live Ghost Story at Japan Foundation and Art Gallery of NSW along with Japanese Australian musician Terumi Narushima.


Kevin Jackson; Les Chantry; Voiceover Course AFTRS; ATYP Camera Workshop; Sandra Lee Paterson; Lynette Sheldon; Bill Pepper Voice Coach; Pat Wilson Singing Coach; Lyn Pierse; The Groundlings LA



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Voice Over/Narration/Video

2019 Workers of All Lands Unite by Julie Koh, ABC RN

2019 The Patternmaker by Julie Koh, Amazon Audible

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2018     Reading for White Pearl by Anchuli Felicia King - National Play Festival AUS

2017     'The Mummy' Real Escape Game Room by SCRAP, LA

2015     Carnival of Bold (Vivid Sydney at MCA)

2015     Mini Griffin@Circular Quay, Sydney