Arisa Yura

Actor | Voice | Writer | Director



Arisa is a member of Wadaiko Rindo Sydney.

Wadaiko Rindo Sydney is a Japanese Taiko drumming ensemble formed in 2009 as a chapter of their head group, Wadaiko Rindo Melbourne, which was founded by leader Toshi Sakamoto during the 1990s.

The ensemble performs at various cultural festivals each year including; Matsuri in Sydney, Koi Festival, Campbelltown Ghost Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival and also at the Canberra Nara Candle Festival. They also perform at weddings, parties and events. The ensemble's mission is to deliver the deep, strong sound of taiko drums in a way that will energise and touch the hearts of their audience.

Wadaiko Rindo Sydney has received Sydney Consul-General of Japan award in 2016.


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